Friday, October 2, 2015

A Butterfly Affair

My granddaughter with a
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch butterflies are one of the great joys of our summer. In addition to their beauty, the story of their life cycles and incredible journeys is amazing and inspirational.

Five years ago I met with a couple about wedding rings. They were older, somewhat unconventional and wanted their rings to express how they felt about their new lives together. They went home to think about it. It took a while! I was delighted to hear from them this spring.

A monarch caterpillar had attached its chrysalis to the eves of their house. They actually saw it emerge.

They were struck by the unique turquoise color and golden markings of the chrysalis as well as the wonderful metaphor of the new life emerging as this glorious creature. “Ah ha! Let’s call Jim.” They asked if this symbol could be used as a design for their custom made rings.

I found two elongated oval turquoise stones. The ring is made of 14K yellow gold with a line of pure gold beads representing the pattern of gold dots on the chrysalis.

Beautiful, meaningful, and certainly unique!


  1. Looks great, Jim! Maggie is still loving her agate ring made for us last fall. Good to see you're still rockin' and creating such magical work!