Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stebgo Metals

It is important to me to integrate my values with the people I work with. I would like to share with you a brief story of the company I buy my gold from.  This is a small, local, family owned business called Stebgo metals. I have been with them from the beginning more than thirty years ago. Tom Stebbing Sr. worked for another company that I dealt with occasionally but did not connect with particularly well. But I liked and respected Tom. Tom left that company and started his own company which is now run by his children whom I knew as little kids. I have included a link to a recent article in a trade magazine called Mid-America Jewelry News If you would like to read more about the company. 

The reasons I deal with Stebgo are first of all these are honest and honorable people. They offer a good reliable product, they are prompt and fair in their pricing. They provide only recycled gold. We all consume products that in their production have an impact on the environment. I, as I am sure you do, try to choose those that have the least impact. The practice of offering only recycled gold means that less of the earth is torn up to find new gold by mining. They have invested in state of the art facilities to make the refining process as environmentally save as is possible.

One of the services I offer is to recycle old gold that you may have; broken chains, no longer warn class rings, single earrings, ugly jewelry you know you will never wear, even old gold teeth returned by the dentist. I pay considerably more for this gold, silver or platinum than anyone else I know of. I collect it and when I have enough I bring it to the refinery and have it returned to me as pure gold which I then alloy to make Karat gold to make new pieces. The value of this gold can be used for payment of something new that I would make for you (often I can use the actual gold in the new piece if it has sentimental value) or I will give you a check. Now is a good time to sell since the price of gold is high and it will be recycled as beautiful and meaningful handmade jewelry. (And you know it’s just going to sit in that little drawer for another twenty years)