Friday, September 23, 2011

Ruby and Diamond ring

This ring is a twentieth wedding anniversary gift. They were both students when they were married and could not afford a diamond engagement ring. She is of Czechoslovakian descent and loves the look of jewelry from that part of the world. They commonly to use garnets and the gold is a different color from what we are used to seeing. The diamond is a little under one carat and of very high color and clarity. We used deep red rubies instead of garnets and the 14 K gold has a more reddish hue. The pattern of the stones is similar to the designs used by her ancestors. I am pleased with how it looks and she loves it.

Opal Cuff-links

These cuff-links were a gift from the parents of a young man for his graduation. We talked about what the gift should be. They had some old gold and two opals (his mom's favorite stone). The son is an accomplished musician and often plays with a formal group often wearing a tuxedo. Let's make him some cuff-links!
The gold is from the rings they gave me. That part was made from soft bees wax molded by each parent. Their finger prints were embedded in the wax and can be seen in the gold. I then added the opals. About as personal as you can get. And affordable since they provided the gold and the stones.

Simple Flower

This engagement ring is made of platinum and set with a diamond. (The blue ring is the wax carving before it was cast.) It is the essence of simplicity and beauty. It is quite different from what you usually see and precious to them as this was their design and "exactly what we wanted!"

I can not tell you what a joy it is to be able to talk to people, find out what it is that they want and make it for them. This is a young couple and I can imagine this ring being the symbol of their commitment to each other for a long lifetime together. And I had the privilege to make it for them. Pretty darn cool!

Celtic knot wedding bands

These wedding rings are the beautiful Celtic Knot design. There are many of these traditional symbols of varying complexity. The knot symbolizes two lives entwined together. They are made of two-tone 14 K white and yellow gold. The space within the knots is cut through giving a light and graceful look. These were made for a couple who live out of state. We communicated by phone and e-mail. They were very pleased with the result.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celtic oak tree design

The wedding rings I designed and made for my son Dan and his wife Maureen are beautiful, unique and meaningful. The design is an oak tree where the branches and roots intertwine as a circle around the trunk. Maureen's ring has the symbol carved into her ring. Dan's ring is an impression of her design so it is the reverse symbol. They actually fit together!

Friday, February 11, 2011


My name is Jim Hunt and welcome to my new Blog. I am a custom wedding ring designer and goldsmith. My studio is conveniently located in historic downtown Stillwater, Minnesota, not far from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I also design and make engagement rings and provide quality, reasonably priced, conflict free diamonds.

Because of my concern for the environment, I only use recycled gold and platinum.
wedding rings
You are about to start your life long journey together. Imagine, many years from now, two wedding rings of warm, worn gold, always there, through all the years.

Having your engagement and wedding rings custom made by a wedding ring designer allows you to add meaning far beyond the mass-made kind you find in jewelry stores. I will craft custom wedding rings for you. They will be handmade to your specifications. And, surprisingly, my prices are comparable to store prices.
To make an appointment, call 651.439.6606 or email