Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Family Affair

We live in a world where most things we buy are mass produced, put on a shelf and sold to us. Once it was common to go to a craftsperson and have something made especially for us – the way we wanted it to be. This is exactly what I offer.
Christmas card

The oak leaf rings
This past Christmas I received a picture from a couple I made wedding rings for five years ago. They had found me on the internet. We exchanged e-mails and then met at my studio. They wanted their rings to have an oak leaf pattern. I did some sketches with their input and made the rings. I have not seen them since.

It is a truly wonderful picture and I am so pleased they wanted to share this event in their marriage with me. It made my day. 

Driftwood rings
Last week I received an email from former customers announcing another new arrival:

"Hey Jim, it's Mark and Anna! 

You designed our rings over seven years ago when my husband came to you with his idea and you created a beautiful engagement/wedding ring out of cast driftwood twigs. We hope you are well! We would love to see you, and if possible perhaps get our rings cleaned, this Saturday - as we plan to be in Stillwater. Also, we have a little girl, Lenora who is almost 4 months old and we would love to introduce you to her!
Mark, Anna, and their baby

Let us know if this might be a possibility. Ideally we could stop by mid morning.
Cheers, Anna and Mark"

I guess my point is that the rings symbolizing a marriage are more meaningful when you know the person who makes them and when they are made especially for you. In a way, we become part of each other’s lives, part of an extended family.

Please check out my “customer letters” page on my web site and feel free to contact me for more information. And I would appreciate your sharing this blog with anyone you feel may be interested.

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